Inner Healing Arts - A Place for Inner Discovery & Transformation
CHARYL OZKAYA welcomes you. Thank you for visiting. Check out our Events and Schedules and Modalities pages. I know you will find something that resonates and appeals. In the future I will be offering free meditations and downloads so that your home becomes A Place for Inner Discovery & Transformation. Blessings and Light, Charyl

Feeling so much gratitude for the beautiful healing work that has been co-created at Inner Healing Arts this past few weeks, especially the breath work! Moving to the new home office was a brilliant decision if I do say so myself! Here are some upcoming opportunities to go inward, expand and transform! See Events and Schedules page for more details.

For all Reiki Healing Circles:  All are welcome to come experience meditation and relaxing, nurturing Reiki energy. The circle is a wonderful place for you to learn about and receive Reiki. Also all Practitioners are welcome to practice and/or receive. Suggested donation $10. For daytime circles, please register. Note: daytime circles are not the same day every week as of now. Dates below.
Daytime Reiki Healing Circles: Friday 9/18 at noon. Please register.
Ongoing Monday Reiki Healing Circles:  Every Monday, 7-8:30pm.
Reiki Advanced Practitioner Class: Scheduled for Sat. Sept. 26. More symbols, more Reiki energy as you reach another level in your Reiki journey! Reiki II is a prerequisite. Call me to register.

Reiki Master/Teacher classes are starting again. Day #1 Sat. Oct.3 from 10am-3pm.  A series of 5 classes teaching and preparing you to be a Reiki Master/Teacher. Reiki Advanced Practitioner prerequisite. Call me with questions or to register.

Susan Feinbloom private sessions Tues 9/22, Wed 9/23 & Thur 9/24. Workshop 9/23, 7pm. These will be the last sessions available for some time as Susan will not be traveling much any more.

Reiki I Class:  Another Reiki I class is in the process of being scheduled. If you are ready to start your Reiki journey contact me for details. Reiki I is for self, family and pets. It is a wonderful tool to have literally at your fingertips! 
Reiki II Class:  Another Reiki II Class is being scheduled. Reiki II is all about the symbols that amp up the vibration of the Reiki energy. This is a fun and powerful class. You need to be a Reiki I to take this class. Give me a call.
Calling for suggestions for an EFT themed class. What would you like to shift your beliefs about and would you be open to creating new and amazing perspectives in your life? Possible themes are abundance of money, relationships, healthy body, releasing procrastination, clutter and gaining clarity on your life path or your spiritual connection (one of my favorites!). Let me know what you would like to co-create for yourself and let's do it!

Look for upcoming info and special for the new Cosmic Energy Healing!!

Specials: Several clients have opted for 1/2 hour of The Breathing Connection followed by 1/2 hour Reiki session combination, package of 3 sessions for $250. This is a powerful pairing of clearing & expansion and healing & connection. Contact me to schedule your session!

Coming soon a series of exploring meditation techniques and EFT Tapping workshops. Let me know what you would like to see offered!
See Testimonials page to see how others experience Charyl's work.  
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